Union Songs

Don't Forget The Union Label

A song by Thomas H. West ©1901 Thomas H. West

There's a precious little emblem that's familiar to you all
It's a tried and true protector, come what may
And where labor is united in response to duty's call
There this brilliant little star lights up the way
For its mission is to bring about the brotherhood of man
There is nothing can your rights so well defend
So help it on with deed and word in every way you can
Don't forget the union label, it's your friend

It will make improved conditions, better homes, a better wage
And your aid to its advancement you should lend
It will make your country better. It will will brighten history's page
Don't forget the union label, it's your friend

Though apparently so silent yet it speaks thro'out the land
For the noble cause it's striving to uphold
And to free the sweat shop slaves the union label takes a stand
From their wretchedness and miseries untold
It will educate t@e people to the evils that exist
And success will crown its efforts in the end
Help it on its noble mission it will win if you persist
Don't forget the union label it's your friend


From American Labor Songs of the Nineteenth Century, Foner. Dedicated to the Woman's International Union Label League

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