Union Songs

I'm Proud To Be Union

It's obvious now that times are hard
Our nations image is deeply scarred.
The Government gives the Unions blame,
And too many of us accept the shame.
Instead of applying the things we've learned
We take for granted what our forefathers earned.
Our newest enemy is our Sister or Brother
Ignorance says we fight each other.
These back-stabbing people are so confused
They're not Union Members, they just pay their dues.
Members don't tell on their Brother, man.
Or refuse to help when they know they can!
It's easy to talk, to complain and cuss,
But our Union's future depends on us!!
We can put dignity back in our label.
It won't be easy, but I know we're able.
Being strong takes more than a few,
It takes everyone, and that includes you!!

Let's all be proud to be UNION!


I found this poem on the web in April 2000

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union songs..........a selection by mark gregory