Union Songs


A song by Cecil Boone ©1932 Cecil Boone
Tune "Kevin Barry"

In a little mining village
Scarcely noticed on the map
Bourgeois guns were turned on workers
And their life's blood there did sap.

No one dreamed of such a slaughter
In that town of Estevan,
That armed thugs with guns and bullets
Would shoot men with empty hands.

Just a protest from the miners,
And boss bullets then did fly,
Caring not who was the target
Or the number that would die.

Blazing forth, nine hundred bullets
Bodies full of lead did fill,
Murdered three, and wounded twenty--
But the Cause they could not kill.

Three more martyrs for the miners,
Three more murders for the boss
Brutal laws, to crush the workers
Who dare fight in Freedom's cause.

As those miners lay a-dying
In their agony and pain,
Whispered, "Though we die for freedom,
Yet we do not die in vain."

"For we know our class will triumph
When they shall united stand;
They will take the world for labor
And the workers rule the land."

"Then the workers' day of vengeance
Will be proclaimed with each breath;
Labor's cause is right and mighty
And beyond the reach of death."

Come unite! Come unite!
And for freedom we will fight!
Workers of the world, awaken!
Workers of the world, unite!


I found this song on the web with the note:
The song entitled "Estevan," appeared on page two of the Canadian Miner, published in Calgary, January 30, 1932. The lyrics were composed by Cecil Boone and the tune is that of the old Irish Rebel song, "Kevin Barry".

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