Union Songs

Send Me An Ambulance

A song by Ray Korona©1992 Ray Korona

Dr. Jones is driving to see the Governor;
He's smiling all the way!
The thrill of healing the high and mighty
Might fade if the Governor didn't pay.
But he gets all the care he needs.
It comes free with his job.
For such fine doctoring the rest of us
Better go out looking for a bank to rob.

Send me an ambulance when I need one.
Give me something for my pain.
Tell the government to pay the hospital.
I'll be back on my feet again.

Mary's job once gave her insurance benefits:
Blue Cross, Blue Tooth, Blue Hair.
Her job is gone with its health protection.
She can't buy insurance now and that's not fair.
But she's too risky, they all say.
The answer comes back "No!"
With two bad toothaches in just three years time,
Mary isn't welcome in their HMO.


President's must plan for a balanced budget--
The President says so.
It would be ideal if we all had health care,
But bankers and generals are short on dough.
So think positive, you'll get well soon.
Try sunflower seeds.
Don't breath the air or drink the water and
Maybe you won't have any health care needs.



Many thanks to Ray Koroma for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection.

He Writes
'The Ray Korona Band (AFM members) performs original and traditional labor songs for scores of union events in the US and Canada. The URL for The Ray Korona Band is: http://www.raykorona.com Our "$5 Working People's Music Tape" (also on CD) at http://cdbaby.com/cd/raykorona2 contains 8 new labor songs and original art by Rick Flores, the labor cartoonist.' 

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