Union Songs


A song by Ray Korona©1997 Ray Korona 

When they said I'd have to go; they're slashing the payroll, 
They said I'd get a break in one respect. 
For just a little more than my big multi-national employer paid
I can keep my health insurance in effect.

Then they said, "Keep on smiling though you're downsized.
Your sacrifice will shine in our bottom line.
You were born in this country; you're not too old or sick.
We're sure you'll find another job real quick!" 

Now they say they'll take me back on the outsource plan. 
No benefits; no vacation days.
And they dream of untold wealth from sweatshop work in desperate lands.
The staff back home starves on workfare pay.

It's not people that they see-- only cold, hard cash.
If you ask me, here's what they should downsize: 
The fortunes that are stolen; the greedy hands and shallow minds
That sell us out with silver-plated lies, when they say:

Final Chorus
Well, I'll be smiling when they're downsized. 
Their profit cuts will shine in this pay of mine.
This is our country. Downsizers make me sick.
They'd better learn another tune real quick! 


Many thanks to Ray Koroma for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection.

He Writes
'The Ray Korona Band (AFM members) performs original and traditional labor songs for scores of union events in the US and Canada. The URL for The Ray Korona Band is: http://www.raykorona.com Our "$5 Working People's Music Tape" (also on CD) at http://cdbaby.com/cd/raykorona2 contains 8 new labor songs and original art by Rick Flores, the labor cartoonist.' 

Visit Ray's website at www.raykorona.com.

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