Union Songs


A song by Bernard Carney©Bernard Carney
tune: Solidarity Forever

They've cut my Aunty's pension
She can hardly pay the rent
They're planning little nips and tucks
That total 10 (or 20 or possibly more) per cent
They're beating down her budget
'til she's at the begging bowl
And hundreds of her staff
Are going to end up in a hole

Her doctor says she's overweight
She looks so thin to me
He's issued a prescription for cosmetic surgery
But everybody knows she's going to be an amputee
But her voice goes marching on

Help to save our favourite Aunty
Help to save our favourite Aunty
Help to save our favourite Aunty
And let her voice go marching on

Her mouth is just a little wide
Her tongue is far too long
They'll do a quick reshaping
So they sing a different song
Her ears will only hear too much
They really must be tamed
She'll still be known as Aunty
But she just won't sound the same

My aunty's looking different now
They're cutting at her still
They've told her about sponsorship
To help to pay the bills
And when her independence starts to
Trickle down the drain
She'll still be known as Aunty
But she just won't think the same

So rally for your aunty
She will need your full support
She's the only independent voice
That won't be sold or bought
She's known across Australia
In the country and the town
So let her voice go marching on


Many thanks to Bernard Carney for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection. He Writes "This is an old song which may be updated and used again at present if anyone has the time"

Aunty in Australia is a common often affectionate reference to the national broadcaster the ABC. This publicly owned broadcaster has set the standard for Australian television and radio for over 60 years. It now (December 2000) faces destruction as the reactionary and vengeful Federal Government takes the gloves off in an attempt to ensure that "cash for comment" becomes the norm in Australian journalism.

Visit the ABC website at: http://www.abc.net.au/

Visit Bernard's website at: http://www.bernardcarney.com
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