Union Songs

Hog Heaven

A Song by Fred Stanton©Fred Stanton 2002

Old McDonald had a farm somewhere
Won blue ribbons at the county fair
Used to raise a hog or two, sold em off when his note came due.
Truck pulled up and took em to...
Hog Heaven

The farm went down into bankruptcy
McDonald's working in a factory
ConAgroBiz and the mortage man
Took away McDonald's land
to implement their master plan...
Hog Heaven

So haul away those old wooden sheds
Stainless steel and conrete instead
A brown lagoon, a buzzing cloud,
The neighbors start to worry now.
Two hogs is company, a thousand's a crowd...
Hog Heaven

Their water turns yellow, their air turns gray
The neighbors march to the FDA
Bubba please clean up this mess;
Bubba smiles and says God Bless
Swivel chair, feet on the desk...
Hog Heaven

Half a mile above easy street
Pigs in a blanket in the penthouse suite.
They trade hogbellies with bulls and bears,
Pay a preacher to say their prayers,
Hire a cop to watch the stairs...
Hog Heaven


Many thanks to Fred Stanton for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection.

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