Union Songs

Smart Bombs, Dumb Politicians

A song by Bruce Watson©Bruce Watson 2003

We got smart bombs, and dumb politicians
Smart bombs and dumb politicians
Scattergun strategies deployed with precision
Smart bombs - and dumb politicians

We got taller buildings but shorter tempers
We got more possessions but less that's precious
We got wider freeways but narrower vision
And 200 channels full of rubbish on our televisions

We've conquered outer space, but not the space within
We talk so much, we seldom listen
We got muzak everywhere we go when what we need is silence
We got people making war to rid the world of violence


We're information rich, but understanding poor
There's so much food, but more starving that ever before
We got poor rich kids who starve themselves for fashion
We got more computers, but less compassion

We got bigger cities but more who feel alone
We got fancy houses but broken homes
We've got leaders who think you get peace by making war
Instead of surprise and wonder, we got shock and awe



Many thanks to Bruce Watson for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection.

Bruce writes:
"The song weaves in some words I received in an email in 2002, purporting to have been written by a student from Columbine High School -most appropriate!"

Visit Bruce's website at http://www.geocities.com/brucewatson1

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