Union Songs

The War is Still Wrong

A song by John Warner©John Warner 2003
Tune: "Johnny Jump Up" - could also use "The Kerry Recruit".

The regime is vanquished, the tyrant is gone,
But hate feeds on anger and the war will go on.

Might is not right,
No matter how strong,
The war is still wrong,
The war is still wrong.

This "war against terror" is a "war to end wars":
New terror will breed with this terror the cause.

Technology cowboys who kill from the sky
Never face bleeding children who sob as they die.

Precision munitions, no tale was so tall,
They shot down their own soldiers, their allies and all.

Who are the joyful who dance in the street?
Those who are living and walk on two feet.

They have spent without stint to kill Saddam Hussein.
What price for the maimed children's decades of pain?


Many thanks to John Warner for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection. It was written on 10th April 2003.

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