Union Songs

The Safe Thing

A song by Ray Korona©Ray Korona 2003

I asked him if he'd help us to spread the word around
Of the thousands not permitted to be free.
They're jailed with no charges; held in secret without rights.
He said, "No. Sorry. Not me."

It's the safe thing to do. Learn to look the other way.
Pretend you don’t know. Say you have nothing to say.

There's a place where they teach torture, a military school.
Its graduates make lots of people die.
We've got to close it down. This petition's worth a try.
He said, "No. Sorry. Goodbye."


He told me there are way too many causes
And he's not a political man.
He didn't just turn and walk away; he ran!

Now he watches TV reruns behind a bolted door
In his big chair by the artificial plant.
He keeps the shades pulled down and if anyone should call,
He says, "No. Sorry. I can't."



Many thanks to Ray Korona for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection.

Ray writes:
'Now, more than ever before, basic rights and freedoms in the US are being taken away by legislation and executive action as part of a "war on terrorism." These are not small, insignificant changes. Both citizens and non-citizens now have far fewer rights in the areas of speech, privacy, imprisonment, counsel, travel and more.'

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