Union Songs


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A song by Tetsuro Tanaka ©Tetsuro Tanaka

Those who know they shouldn't wage war because it is cruel? why repeat it?
It is important to recognize war is cruel.
But it's not enough to stop war.

War is always waged for justice. War is always waged for peace.
Those who have "candy or whip" control public opinion using a loyalty test as a weapon.
This war is waged for an international contribution.
Anyone who doesn't cooperate is a coward.

This war is waged for justice in order to defend a nation.
A person who opposes is not patriotic
People begin to be washed away like a sand mountain by "candy or whip" and loyalty test.
In time no one can say we should not wage war because it is cruel.

For example. Can you criticize discrimination and injustice of your company from inside?
For example. have you ever stopped bullying in your school?
For example, Haven't you ever turned your eyes away from the unfairness of your local community?
Aren't you looking on with folded arms to social injustice you must correct?

Someday the Draft system may be introduced in Japan.
Just as HINOMARU and KIMIGAYO were introduced in schools.
Someday your children may be given a Draft warrant.
Just as a transfer order is issued to you from your company.


Many thanks to Tetsuro Tanaka for permission to add this song to the Union Songs website.
Visit his website at: http://www.din.or.jp/~okidentt/. Visit also the documentary film Tanaka-san Will Not Do Callisthenics

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