Union Songs

The Case of K

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A song by Tetsuro Tanaka ©Tetsuro Tanaka

I was Mr. Tanaka's co-worker.
I was confident at my job. I was proud of my job also.
I opposed the dismissal. I hated the loyalty test.
I didn't do the calisthenics. I hated the harassment.

I was encouraged by Tanaka.
He continued to protest against the calisthenics
by sitting down at his desk.
I was asked by the sub-section chief to support an election.
I refused to do it.

My junor coworker,who I trained, said coarse words in front of many begining that day.
When I went out of the employee restaurant,
the plaza was crowded with people.
The candidates at the side of the company were speaking.
The audience shouted with cheers every time.

Next was Tanaka's turn.
The air moved.
The audience turned towards me.
They were all pale faced.
It was silent.
My knees shook.
People came flowing toward me.
I couldn't stay there.
I heard the Tanaka's speech it was chasing me.
I was stumbling .

My section chief invited me for a drink.
He said "you can be a nominee for sub-section chief".
Making small talk, he talked of the calisthenics again.
My parents were pushing me to get married.
But my salary was too low .
They didn't permit me to work overtime to get money.

I went to Tanaka's house for a drink.
I said I will do the calisthenics from tomorrow.
He said you should decide for yourself.
His words were soft-hearted. But that made it harder for me.

Time has flown.
As a crowd of workers crosses the traffic light,
"a singing voice" begins to be heard.
I cover my ears.
I go through the gate and become a "company person" once again today also.


Many thanks to Tetsuro Tanaka for permission to add this song to the Union Songs website.
Visit his website at: http://www.din.or.jp/~okidentt/. Watch the documentary film Tanaka-san Will Not Do Callisthenics

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