Union Songs

Blood for Oil

A song-poem by Larry Mitchell©2004 Larry Mitchell

Iraq was the land we wanted
There was oil under all that sand,
Without oil this country would be one big junkyard.
So let's go down that perilous road and attack all those Iraqis and kill them.
Yea, let's impose our culture and democracy on those that remain.
They will throw flowers at us and call us their liberators.
Democracy is gonna work in that country. We swear.
All the neocons said it would work and we all believe them.

Yea, they say Saddam musta had something to do with 911
So let's fill up our gas tanks
With the blood of all those Iraq children.
Let us wipe out their culture and say it is for their own good.
Let us brutalize Iraq prisoners in Saddam's old prisons
And say the girls were just having a little S&M fun,
Yea, damn it we will win those peoples hearts and minds before
We are done.

We send our sons and daughters over there to fight and die
so those select few can make all those billions.
The sad days in Iraq, soldiers dying everyday,
We hide their coffins when they come home, so no one can see.
We can't honor our fallen heroes like England and Spain.
And it's that ole Vietnam sorrow revisited for those families here at home.

O Get disabled in Iraq and you are screwed in more ways then one.
You could suffer from the trauma of war!
You could suffer from the bites of desert flies!
You could suffer from the after effects of malaria pills.
You can stand there with no arms; you can sit there with no legs
And then when you go knock at the door of the VA
They will slam the door in your face.
'cos they are cutting your Veterans benefits behind your back.
This country doesn't need to treat a new generation of Veterans, like it did the
Vietnam Veteran generation.

O I support the troops in Iraq. I say bring them all home now,
Instead of one by one in body bags.


Many thanks to Larry Mitchell for permission to add this song-poem to the Union Songs collection.

Larry writes:
"I served a combat tour of duty in Vietnam and I have paid the price for it . I suffered from PTSD for thirty years, so I know what some of those soldiers in Iraq will go through. Writing songs and poems has giving me a way to express myself and to heal from war trauma. I wrote a book about my tour of duty in Vietnam and how it affected me, it is called "Potawatomi Tracks" and I have an author website http://www.potawatomivet.com "

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