Union Songs

Taken hostage

A poem by John Tomlinson©2004 John Tomlinson

Hostage maker, hostage taker
the life blood of our war.
Hostage maker, hostage taker
what are we fighting for?
Is it to protect the lies
we told before the war?
To the lies and the rubbish
you're adding blood and gore.
When will we finally stop
trying to settle up the score?
Hostage maker, hostage taker
what are we fighting for?
Are we fighting for the lies
that went before the war?
Are we fighting for the past
or a future that won't last?
Pre-emption, redemption;
without the slightest apprehension
that we'll resist your condescension.
We could fight for our liberty
fraternity and equality
restoring human dignity
and displace your stupidity.
Are these things we can ignore
in the face of endless war?
Hostage maker, hostage taker
neither a mover nor a shaker
just an old fashioned faker
and a bloody peace forsaker.


Many thanks to John Tomlinson for permission to add this poem to the Union Songs site. John writes:

"Dedicated to peace and the hope that Margaret Hassan taken hostage in Iraq will be freed."

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