Union Songs

Too Young to Die

A song by Blair Hansen©2004 Blair Hansen

Three weeks past 18
and I'm laying here head to toe in green
I'm out here on the front line
Scared to death 'cause I'm too young to die

Does anyone know what I'm doing here?
Does anyone know if the end is near?
I'm fighting this war and I don't know why
Give me a reason if I must die

I lay here, praying to myself
Crying out to anyone who will help
No answer, there's no one else around
Except for my friend, suffering on the ground

Today I came home from fighting this war
But, the Americans, they spit and they swore
I thought I was doing something right
But, now I come home and there's another war to fight


Many thanks to Blair Hansen for permission to add this song to the Union Songs site.

Too Young to Die was included on the Canadian CD: Peace Songs for a Better World http://www.abetterworld.ca

Blair writes:
"I just graduated high school. Too Young to Die was a project for my history class when I was a junior. We had to write a report, however my teacher allowed me to write a song instead. The project had to be about Vietnam as that is what we were studying. Too Young to Die is a song written from the perspective of a young enlisted man recently arrived in Vietnam and the fear he faces. After being discharged, he returns home and finds that he has "another war to fight".

Visit Blair's website at http://www.blairhansen.com

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