Union Songs

Stand and Defend

A song by Jim Lesses©2004 Jim Lesses. All Rights Reserved.

We hate what you've done to this country,
And we hate what you've done to our dreams.
We despise all your lies; the contempt in your eyes,
When you think we have swallowed your schemes.

You call on our sons and our daughters,
And you send them to fight in your wars.
But your daughters and sons, never carry the guns,
They are home, safe and warm behind doors.

We will stand and defend every freedom,
That so many have fought for before.
We will not be denied; there are more by our side,
They will help bring an end to your wars.

Weep crocodile tears for the fallen,
With a hand on your heart, call their names.
Then go back to your Boards; where you reap the rewards,
And treat us like pawns in your games.

But the blood of the dead is not fading,
Like a stain it is burnt on our hearts.
We remember each blow, and in time you will know,
We the people – demand a new start!


We will not be denied; there are more by our side,
And they will help bring an end to your wars.
No more war... No more war...
No more war... No more war...


Many thanks to Jim Lesses for permission to add this song to the Union Songs site.

Jim's Note: A last minute addition to the new album. I finished writing and recording this song between mixing sessions for the rest of the CD. I thought it was too good to leave of the album, and heeding the advice of the studio engineer, decided to kick off the album with the song.
It was probably sparked by several scenes in the Michael Moore documentary, Fahrenheit 9/11. In one particularly telling sequence, Michael Moore and a US soldier who had fought during Gulf War II were standing in front of the US Congress building trying to get congressmen to enlist their children in the armed forces so they could go and fight in Iraq as well. Needless to say, everyone he approached thought he was completely crazy - hence the sentiments expressed in the second verse.

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