Union Songs


A song by Ginger Tom©2002 Ginger Tom

- [play]

Comrades and colleagues what we're fighting for
Is a job that pays well, is safe and secure
But they padlocked the doors, put guards on the gates
We're ready to talk, we're willing to wait

And we'll fight for we're right and we're fighting to win
And it's true united we fight divided we fall
The union is there for us all
United we fight divided we crawl
The union is there for us all

Tell me now friends is it true what I hear
The boss takes in a day what I earn in a year

They can pack up the shop and send it away
And they'll pay some poor slave a dollar a day
And they dont have a union they dont have the right
And the fight for your rights is the fight of your life


United was one of the entries in the 2002 Wobbly Radio song competition in Australia. It was published on the MayDay MayDay CD. Ginger Tom is a four-piece guitar band from Newtown and state that they are a 'blatantly political band who sound something like the Vines and Radio Birdman in full flight.'

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