Union Songs

The Picket Line

A song by Don Henderson©1979 Don Henderson

Each week day at eleven,
a group of seamen meet,
one and all a placard in his hand;
outside Number One Six Seven of Brisbane's Eagle Street,
which is U.D.C.'s headquarters in Queensland.

Now sometimes few, some many,
for two years, rain or shine,
they've fronted and don't look like giving in.
You may ask what chance, if any,
this token picket line,
stands to challenge U.D.C. and win.

Utah is a giant,
it's strength and wealth is vast.
The S.U.A., as unions go, is small.
But had it been compliant
with big companies in the past,
there wouldn't be a membership at all.

Remember when officials
from boarding ships were barred.
Climbed on from dinghies, if that's what it took.
When it was beneficial,
if you had a union card,
to have a useful left or good right hook.

Hard times and stormy weather,
the battle would be long,
but they fought it in the manner they began.
When you fight and stick together,
be you but five thousand strong,
you become five thousand strong to your last man.

Now Utah's might is flaunted,
the pickets never doubt
what the outcome of this bout is going to be.
By might these men aren't daunted,
every time that they ship out,
they're taking on the vastness of the sea.


Don recorded this song on the 1979 LP "Flames Of Discontent". The song is also on the MUA Centenary CD "With These Arms"

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