Union Songs

Loathsome, Winston Johnny

A song by John Tomlinson & Penny Harrington©2005 John Tomlinson & Penny Harrington
Tune "I know where I'm Going"

We know that he's lying,
and we know he's causing misery
Refugees get nothing
for he is so bloody miserly

The rich have stocks and shares
and a house for every weather
cars of every hue
and a ring for every finger

He locks up the refugees
in our land of milk and honey
we could free them all
but for loathsome, Winston Johnny

Some say that he's cruel
and others say he's bonnie
but meanest of them all
is our loathsome, Winston Johnny


Many thanks to John Tomlinson & Penny Harrington for permission to add this song to the Union Songs website (the first addition for 2005)

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