Union Songs

The Silence Of Good People

A song by Jack Chernos©2001 Jack Chernos

It once was asked of Martin Luther King
How the progress of rights could be so long coming
His answer was not the evil of some
But the silence of good people

Although we may never arrive in the garden
The sin is not in failure, but never starting
My silent friend, it is you that I am speaking of
Of the silence of good people

We, we will not be silent
We, we will not be silent
We will not be silent

Although we have only hearts, bodies, and minds
Against guns and clubs, lies and threats and money
When the truth is released, each echo comes louder
On the voices of good people

We, we will not be silent ...

I've taken my place on the streets of our land
With my sisters and brothers by the tens of thousands
And I have sweet hope, because I can hear
The rising voices of good people

We, we will not be silent ...


Many thanks to Jack Chernos for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection

Jack writes: "This song was performed at numerous rallies and protests, including the 2001-2002 anti-war rallies in San Francisco that drew hundreds of thousands of people. "The Silence of Good People" was inducted into the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, TN in 2003."

For sheet music and sound clips visit Jack's website: http://www.department-of-justice.org/

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