Union Songs

Time for the revolution children, they ain't got no solution

A song by Scart©2005 Scart

The lies they tell ya are
made of the same thing they sell ya
the bullshit you swallow, in whose steps?
in goosesteps you follow
And nations with no more
compassion, compunction
exist now to serve a more corporate function
constraining consumers to boost market share
is the business of government butwhatthe
fuck do they care, sitting
safe in the first world and apathy's their armour
their angst is short lived, next stop, SUBURBS, new drama
indifference stitched into their sweatshop designs
in their safe little boxes, in their safe little minds
where they work, rest in playstation, so mobile phony
who owns you, exon, microsoft, nike, sony


This ain't no communist rant or socialist stance
but fuck this capatalist dance
where the poor get raped
by these corporate whores
all these little yes men and yes women
that feed like parasites off a world in flux
watch six million children die each year
and don't give a fuck
but oh yeah, they'd care if it were theirs
they'd be out on the street
tryin' to raise up an army to defeat
any evil empire
That puts greed before (their) needs
not People before profit
somone hand me a molotov
time to blow the lid off it
and if they say that's extreme
tell ╬em it's fucking obscene
that corporations have more rights
than some nations have ever seen
while the IMF, takes every cent that they get
they keep the workers in choke holds
keep the third world in debt
so keep spreading global lies
how the hell do they justify
leaving billions in bank vaults
lying idle while people die


They're droppin media bombs
called propaganda that comes
from corporation that don't want real
information to reach ya, cause they're
tryin' to teach ya to consume without question
every product they mention
and every lie they feed ya
so when they,
speak of free markets don't just accept it
say fuck it, hey that's not even (a) reality
that's just somethin' you people say (along with)
Global-lies-ation to justify raping nations
and treating people as livestock
locking children in sweat shops
The markets free for the rich
and for the rest it's a bitch
it's called monopoly baby
and that's the way it'll stay, see
the game is already decided
the coin thatthey flip is one sided
the fix is already in
it's corruption that wins
they say keep the ball in play
but it ain't my ball anyway
and it sure as fuck ain't my game
just illusions to keep me tame

so save your hypocrisy

and keep your corpocracey

and fuck the reality

that you made to imprison me



When I take a look around ya
I can see the revolution from here

I can see it in your eyes, in your faces
in your blood sweat and tears

Yeh, it's a bitch that the rich they just
take all you make and leave the crumbs

Sisters and Brothers, a new day is dawning
here the revolution comes.



Many thanks to Scart for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection

Scart writes:
"The song is a rap/rock hybrid and is available on the http://www.synapticgraffiti.net/ website and also on the "Slam The Body Politik" CD-ROM. It's fairly hard-line but these days I don't believe workers are going to get their rights and lives back by whispering politely amongst themselves."

Visit Scart's website at: http://www.scart69.net/

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