Union Songs

Just Like That

A song by Kieran Kane and John Hadley©2004 Glacier Park Music

History lesson number one
There's not a thing that can't be done
Somewhere in this world of doubt
Someone's gonna work it out
There you go just like that

We learned to crawl we learned to walk
We learned to fly at Kitty Hawk
Next thing you know one afternoon
We're driving golf balls on the moon
There you go just like that

We've learned how to take our dreams
And turn 'em into fine machines
But there's one thing we haven't done
We haven't learned to live as one
We stand behind our borderlines
And talk about it all the time
History lesson number two
Not what you say but what you do
There you go just like that

We try to find the peace through war
Although it's never worked before
If we want peace we've got to start
To heal the hurt in every heart
There you go just like that
There you go just like that


Keiran & KaneMany thanks to Kevin Welch and Kieran Kane for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection.

This song is on Kieran Kane, Kevin Welch and Fats Kaplin's wonderful album, "You Can't Save Everybody" out in Australia on Dead Reckoning, released through Shock Records.

Visit the Kane & Welch website at Dead Reckoning Records

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