Union Songs


A song by Andrew Robertson©1979 Andrew Robertson

Looked out in my back yard the other day,
Saw a man with a sign, he said, hey go away!
I'm from Utah.
He said, Now you pay your rates 'cause I've paid my dues.
Someone's on the take now I turn the screws.
I'm from Utah.

Asked an old friend, can't you tell me.
How could it take so long. How could it be so wrong.
That they could take today.
Taking it all away. Loading it up on the ships.
Taking the coal away.
Cut rate sailors to save the day.

Now there's a great big hole in my back yard.
He said, I'll build you a swimming pool.
Man I'm all heart.
I'm from Utah.
Took all the measurements, played it real cool.
Said, I'll be round tomorrow. Gonna bring all my tools.
Bring them from Utah.

Took all my coal. I've still got this hole.
'bout near the size of Goonyella Gorge.
And it's been years since I've seen that face at my door.
'cause he's from Utah.


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