Union Songs


A poem by David G. Hurlburt©David G. Hurlburt 2005

The first line of defense for us at work,
To protect us from some corporate jerk;
Such as a boss with the roving eye
Who pinches women on the thigh
Or from the Boss who has to spy.
The steward's job is such a tedious chore,
Without them we would be out the door,
Fired for another yet unjust cause.
We can not thank them all enough,
Because the job is so very tough.
So support your steward every day;
For they do their job without more pay.
They volunteer so give them thanks,
Perhaps you could join their ranks.
That's all she wrote there is no more,
About the stewards we all adore.


Many thanks to David G. Hurlburt for permission to add this poem to the Union Songs collection. David is CWA Steward Local 9410

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