Union Songs

Concrete Floor

A poem by Thomas Latimer©Thomas Latimer 2005

Have you ever worked all day on a concrete floor.
Amongst the blood and the gore.
Have you worked while your hands tingle with pain.
or thought your life was going down that! drain.
Have you worked under hot flourescent lights.
That sear your eyes, they are so bright.
Have you watched a clock that just stands still.
While hoping...praying for the end of the kill.
Have you been battered by noise and beaten by heat.
Do you know the misery of aching feet!
Have you been yelled at for being a minute late.
Have bound your bleeding fingers with blue tape.
Do you know what it's like to be tied to the chain.
To feel that you might actually be going insane!

Have you had shit explode in your face?
I forgot, you work at that corporate place.
Have wondered why we get pissed off when you want us to do more..
Then fuck you and fuck your concrete floor!


Many thanks to Thomas Latimer who sent me this poem with the note

"Hi, really enjoyed your site! I am a Union Secretary at a Meat Processing plant in New Zealand. I Thought I would send you a poem I wrote some time ago, it's called "Concrete Floor" I hope you don't mind the odd F word. ok here goes.."

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