Union Songs

Young Bluey

A song by Jeff Way©1950s Jeff Way

- [play]

Bluey ran a big machine in a Sydney engineering shop
He knew what made those wheels go round and he also knew what made them stop
He watched those wheels go round and round, till his eyes were whirring
And both his ears were damn near deaf with wheels and wheels a whirring

I won't run like it is mate, better rearrange it
It hasn't got a clue mate, someone's got to change it
Fellow what's the matter with your eyesight can't you see?
The thing won't run right

Well he checked each rod and pinnion wheel and he checked each ram and ratchet
He told the charge hand what to do, 'cause he was going to snatch it
Oh lord don't fence me in he cried, I'm born to be a rover
I'll go and I'll rove the great outback, I'll be a cattle drover

Well he drove them east and he drove them west and down across the river
Says Bluey how I wish this horse would turn into a flivver
This cattle droving's full of snags, it isn't such a lark boys
If I ever see another cow well it's me for Callan Park boys

Well Bluey fronted up again at the Sydney engineering shop
He knew what made those wheels go round but someone else had made them stop
The charge hand said "Why start a bloke, ah, man you must be barmy
Why we sacked a dozen yesterday, why don't you join the army"


Many thanks to Bill Berry for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection. From his 2004 CD "Bill Berry: sweep of an eager pen"

Callan Park was a mental hospital in Sydney from 1885 to 1994

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