Union Songs

Let the Union’s Spirit

A song by Mimi Yahn©Mimi Yahn 1990, 1991
Tune: "Midnight Special"

Let the Union's spirit
Take ahold this land,
Let the Union's power
Fill every woman and man.

Yonder comes my steward,
Got a grievance in her hand,
She come to see the boss man;
You shoulda seen the way he ran.

Get on board the Union
Don't be left behind,
Don't be standing by your lonesome;
The boss'll get you if he can.

The devil's got his helper,
Your back he's always out to stab;
You know they call this creature
A low-down union-bustin' scab.

Don't be fooled by slick words,
Don't be fooled by corporate cons;
They'll always try to split us,
But don't forget which side you're on.

The comp'ny's greedy for their profits,
Think they own 'most everything;
Well, there's one thing that they can't own:
Union solidarity!


Many thanks to Mimi Yahn for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection.

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