Union Songs

Scratchie Ticket

A song by Doesa©2006 Doesa

When I hold this scratchie ticket
I've been sold
I can feel the hope in many tortured souls
Hoping and praying to own a home
Assets or just a way to never be alone
And its so common
Our work rights are disappearing
As balance becomes a luxury
No work cover for injuries made
I cut my hand on a vibrating blade
My compensation was a couple of band aids
At this rate my own boss could take a decade
I'm starting my own business with the music I've made
Loopholes mean your boss can make you
Pay the cost
For their gambling or financial loss
That puts their business in the red
So cutting the costs off your daily bread
This scratchie might get me out of debt
Dreaming of a life of success
My hard work pays off but not in dollars
Its hard to break the cycle when stuck with a blue collar
In the workplace of life I am a scholar

The fear of being left behind always hovers
Punctuate when I spit
In writing I overuse commas
Cause there's so much to release
About life as a commoner
But it gets to deep for the common denominator
My words remain in your head
They stain and spread like blood
On butchers paper
Leave you wondering whether to figure out now or later
I don't expect to ever play a venue like Rod Laver
Arena, my demeanour sways more towards the cynical
Even when I'm approaching a pinnacle
Like a song in diminished key
Doubt transfers from you to me
But I refuse to doubt myself for anybody
Keep realistic as my vision I realise
Lonely specialise
In translating shit from my eyes
Through my soul then spat out straight onto pages
Nothing to do with image or wages
Im blessed with the ability to see beneath the surface
My final choice is to follow my own purpose.


Many thanks to ACTU Worksite for Schools and Doesa for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection.

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