Union Songs

Rights at Work

A song by Doesa©2006 Doesa

- [play]

When you're working and things don't seem right.
You've got to know you're not alone in the fight.
There's people to help, places to go.
But first there are a few things you should know.
When you're young some people try to use you.
They take advantage of the facts and try to hide the truth.
So know you're rights and what won't be tolerated.
Make sure you read the writing before you sign the paper.
Australian Workplace Agreement is what you need to read.
Don't believe the boss they could be driven by greed.
You have the right to be paid the state award rate.
Find out what it is so that you don't get underpaid.

Harassment and bullying wont be tolerated in the workplace.
Whether behind your back or straight up to your face.
It's your place of work you should feel comfortable.
Treated fairly and respected as an equal.
Verbal abuse, threats or if you feel intimidated.
Violence and unreasonable criticism should not be taken.
Or being asked to do or wear things that are sexually discriminating.
You can say no and not have to feel like it's the sack you're facing.
If these things do happen then you need to take the right approach.
You need to make sure that you let your employer know.
Or if you can't tell them you need to tell your union.
Keep a record of the things that they've been doing.
The date, the time, the place and the things that they say.
And if you have witness, ask them to support your claims.

Too many times people get dismissed unfairly.
You've got to know you can't get sacked because of these.
Your age, race and gender or if you've got a disability.
Your choice of union or views of laws politically.
If you're pregnant, your religion or you've got a criminal record.
If they do then they are breaking the law.
If these things don't interfere with your ability and work safety.
Then to dismiss you is not equal opportunity.
If you are facing the sack your employer needs to tell you why.
Or you can take it to the industrial umpire.
The Industrial Relations Court need to know the reason.
Why your job can't be done because of your appearance or what you believe in.
You need the right amount of notice though.
If they have the right reason to let you go.
Check for fairness and discrimination.
Make sure you know the rules and rights in the workplace.


Many thanks to ACTU Worksite for Schools and Doesa for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection.

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