Union Songs

You Belong To Us

A song by Mimi Yahn©Mimi Yahn 2003
(Tune: "You Belong To Me")

See the hotels all along the shore
From Waikiki, San Juan and Singapore;
Just remember, darlings, rich or poor:
You belong to us.

See the golf course and the Burger King
Everywhere that dark-skinned natives sing;
Just remember all the joy we bring;
You belong to us.

See the prostitutes in Saigon town,
See the jungle that has all turned brown;
Just remember, darlings, when you’re down:
You belong to us.

See the barracks in the Philippines,
See the swagger of those tough Marines;
Just remember what resistance means;
You belong to us.

See our money and munitions reach
From Okinawa to Mombasa beach;
Just remember, darlings, what we preach:
You belong to us.

See our military mobilize,
Soon one day the world will recognize:
All the world is our prize;
You belong to us.


Many thanks to Mimi Yahn for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection.

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