Union Songs

Green Bans Forever

A song by Mick Fowler©1979 Mick Fowler
Tune: Waltzing Matilda

- [play]

Once some jolly squatters camped in Victoria Street
There they lived for months on end
They fought and struggled for the own community
The rights of the tenants to defend

Green Bans forever Green Bans Forever
Green Bans forever in Victoria Street
We sang as we hopped from chimney top to chimney top
Green Bans forever in Victoria Street

Down come the coppers mounted on their rescue vans
Up come the thugs vans one two three
We laughed as we struggled down behind the barricades
You'll never drive us away said we

Out come the squatters carried by the constables
Into the wagon one two three
The thugs with their crow bars smashed all the premises
They cost 'em dough but the coppers come free

Up jumped a squatter high into the chimney pot
You'll have some trouble to get me said he
His voice could be heard as the moon shone on the chimney top
Green Bans forever in Victoria Street

People of Sydney fighting for Victoria Street
Should keep a watch by the Sycamore trees (spoken: they are Sycamores you know folks)
And the Green Bans will stay on Bellows and their property
Green Bans forever in Victoria Street
... Kings Cross the top of William Victoria Street forever hooray!


This song was released as side 2 of a 45rpm 7" record in 1979 With Mick Fowler on vocals and a jazz band called Green Ban'd. Mick was a jazz musician and member of the SUA (Seamen's Union of Australia) who lived in Victoria Street Sydney. He was the last tenant to leave in 1979.

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