Union Songs


A song by Aidan Jolly©2006 Aidan Jolly

- [play]

We work harder and harder for less and less pay
We sweat in their factories from dawn to the end of the day
The threads they have broken are the threads that we weave
The lies they have told us will not be believed

We make more than they can use we get less than we need
The wheels run faster and faster driven by their endless greed
Who owns the hours stolen from us?
The time they have taken will be reclaimed by us

They build their machines shining and new
Machines must be built no matter whose work they will do
The wheel on their leash the computer on their rein
So much human potential burned up in pain

They steal our leisure they steal our youth
They steal our future they tarnish the truth
They are thieves in the night - they’ve even stolen the sun
But we’ll be there waiting the next time they come


Many thanks to Aidan Jolly, Musician - Digital Artist - Community Artist, for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection.

This song is on his 2006 CD "System Fault".

Visit Aidan's website at http://www.aidanjolly.com

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