Union Songs

Sea To The Sky

A song by Aidan Jolly©2006 Aidan Jolly

- [play]

We are the men who worked the docks
Hauled and lifted and strained
To bring you your comforts
Your clothes and your grain
Our dads went to the quay
And stood in the pens
For three days dole, two days pay
They fought for a future
For jobs and security
Never thought we’d go back to the bad old days

And we sing of the big river
Big river flowing by
And sometimes you have to look further away
Raise your head from the sea to the sky

We are the Women of the Waterfront
The bosses took the fight to our homes
We stood by while they tried
To break our will down
Now we stand on the line
While they bus in the scabs
Those who would rather betray
Than fight for our future
For we claim equality
We’ll not return to the bad old days

We are the children who never saw our dads
While they worked through both morning and night
For the Company’s profits
Why should they have the right
To condemn us to grow up in poverty?
Would they treat their own children this way?
We want a future
Health and prosperity
We won’t be sent back to the bad old days

Chorus x 2


Many thanks to Aidan Jolly, Musician - Digital Artist - Community Artist, for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection.

This song is on his 2006 CD "System Fault".

Visit Aidan's website at http://www.aidanjolly.com

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