Union Songs

Protecting workers' rights

A poem by John Tomlinson©2006 John Tomlinson

Work place rights are not for sale
Howard and Co are going to fail
worst choice jobs –beyond the pale.
We are workers, not crims on bail.

Profits first and people last
is an idea whose time has passed.
We'll fight for workers' dignity
with a quiet serenity,
for a fair day's work and a fair day's pay
with arbitration holding sway.
We'll hold out come what may
worker's rights are here to stay.
Though the mighty would betray,
workers together will hold the day.

They can stick their pomp and ceremony
workers united will be free.
This unjust system they'd disguise
with half truths and bare-faced lies
by which they hope to sanitise.
But it's dead - we see the flies.

Work place rights are not for sale
Howard and Co should go to jail
worst choice jobs –beyond the pale.
Together we will never fail.


Many thanks to John Tomlinson for permission to add this poem to the Union Songs collection.

John writes
Our brothers and sisters in WA are facing $28,000 individual fines for striking. Our relaxed and comfortable government has legislated industrial tyranny against unions and ordinary working people. As the old slogan says: "When injustice becomes law resistance becomes duty." and as the Redgum song says: "If we don't fight we lose"

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