Union Songs

Give Us A Job

A song by Keith Rice©Keith Rice 1979

Lining up in dole queues,
There against my will,
I want to work, I want a job.
No vacancies to fill.
The prefect in the pin-striped suit,
Wants to make me bleat
To the tune of a crawling beggar,
Stranded in the street.

While Utah ships with foreign crews
Are sailing every day.
Give us a job you thieving mob.
It's our future you're wasting away.

The peanut king in his Taj Mahal
Surrounded by other thieves,
Is counting up the takings
With the coppers at his feet.
While workers work and broke their backs
And they've fought and died
For freedom and a future,
To watch it go out with the tide.


This songs was recorded for the SUA (Seamen's Union of Australia) LP "Flames of discontent" in 1979

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