Union Songs

Too Little And Too Late

A song by Griff Bignell©Griff Bignell 1979

This country, this country there's a lot it's been through.
It's seen out the old and it's welcomed the new.
No matter what happened we kept going on.
Now something is different, the incentive is gone.
We've often been forced to beg on our knees,
For foreign investment, cash from overseas,
To develop resources, we all knew were there.
Though the pay-off was paltry, we'd still get a share.

Give all and ask for nothing.
Can we afford to wait.
Give all and ask for nothing.
Too little and too late.

Well the press celebrated, each new market gain.
With some compromises of which no one complained.
We sold cheap predicting increasing demands.
Now all our resources are in foreign hands.
Did it all for our children, or at least it seemed so,
Now it seems that our children, just don't want to know.


This songs was recorded for the SUA (Seamen's Union of Australia) LP "Flames of discontent" in 1979

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