Union Songs

Lunatic's Picnic

A song by Andrew Robertson©Andrew Robertson 1979

I'm just a jumping with joy.
Everybody's jumping with joy.
They're just a jumping cause someone's humping
A revenue catcher for free.
May as well be.
They've changed the laws, turned them, they've turned them around.
To make a hole, rip up the ground.
It's about time that we faced it.
Peak Downs, Goonyella, Saraji, they've got them all.

Utah's just a jumping with joy.
Course they should be jumping with joy.
No more doubting Thomas's, making, breaking promises,
And deals like Al Capone.
They don't care or worry about you people at home,
And they ain't scared, cause they got God on their side,
And his name's Joh - Oh -wouldn't you know.

Street rights - Street rights,
There'll be no protesting, just get yourself arrested,
On a charge of yelling no, no, no!
Late nights, police frights.
Since you've been busted 2 a.m. on the door,
With a smile just to let you know.
They're keeping their eyes, on everything, everything you do.
Get caught, you walk the line, to their happy tune.
The sooner we realise, there's a feast on.
They'll eat till it's gone.
Don't close your eyes, don't close your eyes, don't close your eyes.


This song was recorded for the SUA (Seamen's Union of Australia) LP "Flames of discontent" in 1979

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