Union Songs

Lets Hear It For The Multi-Nationals

A song by Marty Moles & Mick Topp©Marty Moles & Mick Topp 1979

Let's hear it for the multi-nationals.
Let's be honest. Let's be rational.
Without investments, what would we do.
Let's give credit where credit's due.
Let's hear it for capital movement.
Balance sheets showing a constant improvement.
When profits fall economies ail.
Read about it in the 'Courier-Mail'.

Ooh - Why fight it.
The dealer's sitting pat.
Good government could right it.
But who's the blame for that.

Let's hear it for big party donations.
Reduced coal levies. Anti-strike legislation.
Subsidised freight rates are bound to entice
Foreign investors to this paradise.
So let's hear it for the multi-nationals,
The deals they make are all uni-lateral.
Let's hear it before it gets too late
And the sun's all that's left of the Sunshine State.


This song was recorded for the SUA (Seamen's Union of Australia) LP "Flames of discontent" in 1979

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