Union Songs

Go To The Wall

A song by Peter Cross©Peter Cross 1979

By practiced tongues we were cajoled,
Into believing young and old
Would stand to gain a hundredfold.
But now the truth is being told.

All aware and now agreed,
Follow up the seamen's lead.
If we unite we can succeed.
Each other's strength is all we need.

They came under cover like thieves in the night.
Knowing well the watchdogs would not bite.
Stole everything that was in sight,
And challenged, claimed they had the right

Empty your pockets, surrender your haul.
You stand accused by one and all.
The paid politicians at your back and call.
Will be with you still when you go to the wall.


This song was recorded for the SUA (Seamen's Union of Australia) LP "Flames of Discontent" in 1979

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