Union Songs

When The Sun Goes Down On Moranbah

A song by Paul Chalk©Paul Chalk 1979

The spoil piles run in a ragged line
By the road along the seam,
And the winter wind whispers of other times
When the basin was young and green.
The country is a wasteland, as
Every tree that's planted dies.
Their short-term profit motives
Tell of their conservation lies.

When the sun goes down on Moranbah
And the twilights cover dwells,
And the tons of coal have all been mined
Open scars and trees felled.
When the sun goes down on Moranbah,
And the draglines have shut down,
And the mines are lying idle
On the outskirts of the town.

The energy that our land holds,
Is in the hands of but a few.
Men who live in countries far away,
Collecting endless revenue.
At the ending of our working week,
When the tax comes from our pay,
Will the monies work for all of us
Or from our shores all stray?

When all is still in Moranbah,
And quiet lies about,
With the bulk of ore still underground,
And no way to get it out.
Because the shattered rock won't make it safe
For mining underground.
The buildings are deserted now.
The miners have left town.


This song was recorded for the SUA (Seamen's Union of Australia) LP "Flames of Discontent" in 1979

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