Union Songs


A song by John Dengate©John Dengate 2006

You must sign a promise before you come here
To uphold our values and swill lots of beer.
You must sign a paper…I’m warning you mate…
We don’t want no bastards what won’t integrate.
We don’t want no bastards whose English ain’t good.
So brush up yous grammar…is that understood?
Start acting like Aussies, get pissed every day;
Start living yer life the Australian way.
Suck up to the Yanks the way good Aussies do –
And show some respect for her majesty too.
Use four letter words and play poker machines –
Learn what the label ‘Australian’ means.
Stop babbling away in that language of yours.
Learn English, you bastard, and live by our laws.
We’re watching you carefully, we’re tapping your phones.
Give Allah the flick and obey Alan Jones.
Big Brother on tele is what you should view –
The friends of the terrorists watch Channel 2.
Stay away from the mosque mate, jump into a cab
And spend the weekend in the pub and the TAB.


Many thanks to John Dengate for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection.

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