Union Songs

Were You There?

A song by Alex Legg©2005 Alex Legg

- [play]

Were you there in Washington
When the eagle bared his claws
Sat down with the lion-heart
To fabricate the cause
Were you, when the order came
Aboard an east-bound transport plane

As Geordie prayed to jesus
And Jesus knows him well
And Jesus' words will rule the earth
When Allah's blown to hell

Were you in Baghdad that day
As planes flew overhead
Did your spirit turn away
When you saw that child dead
Did you hear her mother cry
The self-same tears as you and I

And the bombers pray to Allah
And Allah knows them well
And Allah's words will rule the earth
When Geordie's blown to hell

Were you there in Downing Street
When the phone call came
Calling obligations in
Without a trace of shame
Still, another day goes by
So many tears we've yet to cry

But still we pray to Jesus
And Jesus knows too well
His words will ring in an empty world
When we're all blown to hell


Many thanks to Alex Legg for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection

Were You There? took a finalist place in 2005 Peacedriven Song Awards

Visit Alex's website at http://www.alexlegg.com/

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