Union Songs

Roads We Tread

A Song by Lachlan Hurse and Sue Monk©Lachlan Hurse and Sue Monk 2006

- [play]

Laws were made that turn back time,
Steal workers' rights away,
Now well-dressed rogues can rest assured,
They're riding high today,
Again, ourselves we dare
To recall the reason for
The load we bear.

There's no need to bow before
The market's callous hand,
What's gone before, what lies in store
Past vict'ries turn to sand,
Again, we heed the call
To resist the hand that would
Divide us all.

Driving changes sweep the world,
The fruit's not ours to claim,
The quest for workers' dignity
Still remains the same,
Again, the cause we share,
To renew our solemn pledge,
The cause we share.

Here's a song to give us strength
If there's hard times ahead,
Here's a tune for brighter days
Rememb'ring roads we tread,
Again, the roads we tread,
To remember we can change
The roads we tread.


Many thanks to Lachlan Hurse and Sue Monk for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection. It was written for the Combined Unions' Choir, 'Fair Play Cabaret'.

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Sue and Lachlan are members of Jumping Fences, visit their website at http://www.jumpingfences.com.au/

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