Union Songs

The Candidate and the Elector

A Song by Smokey Dymny©Smokey Dymny 2003-2006

- [play]

Oh, I'm a politician and I'd like to get your vote
I'm bringing you this pamphlet to try and raise your hopes
It's full of pretty pictures of myself and family, and
Lots of hopeful promises with which you might agree

I used to be a Liberal, but then I changed my mind.
I wanna stay in power - so I joined the other side.
Don't ask 'bout my principals, they're flexible as hell.
I'm a modern politician, I'll represent you well.

Well, I'll never raise your taxes, I may even bring them down
I'll see to it that your garbage goes to the other end of town
I'm not sure what we'll do with it - once we get it there
But I'm sure it won't pollute your water or stink up your air

I don't like mega-projects & new highways are a drag
I'm conscious of minority rights, 'bout that I'd like to brag
I know a good education is each Canadian's dream
And I promise that my party will be uncorrupt and clean

I won't be over-policing you but I'll protect your rights
Just as long as when you demonstrate you don't break out in fights
Oh, and if you're in a union, I'd like to help you there
I'll make sure that your contracts are held up fair and square

So, come out on election day and bring your kids along
We hear youth are not interested in how governments are run
Show'em how to mark their card & where to place their trust
They've got to vote for one of us or democracy's a bust.

Let me tell you my dear candidate, I voted once in '68,
I wish I hadn't done it for all the difference that it made.
Every one of you has lied to us you've broken all your vows
The only difference among you is when you do it to us & how

As soon as you get in power you say the money is all gone
But you pay off your supporters, yes sir, each & every one
There's not enough for services, the deficit's too high. //
And the only thing that's bigger is the size of your last lie! //


Many thanks to Smokey Dymny for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection.

Smokey Dymny writes
"This song was written during one of our many election campaigns. We have federal, provincial and municipal elections all at different times, and for different lengths of terms. Some years it seems there are almost continual campaigns happening. This song is a general
compendium of promises which politicians seem ta make. The second verse was added years later (in 2006) after we had a spate of politicians changing party affiliations after they were elected. The worst example is in the current minority federal government. They almost didn't even make up a minority but a Liberal from the province of British Columbia (where politicians seem to be the craziest in Canada) changed sides right after he was elected, which caused quite an upset in his home riding. We don't have an official method for recalling politicians who do something so outrageous in federal elections. But they do have this right in B.C. provincial elections, which made his constituents even more mad. Don't you just love politics?
By the way, did you hear what Utah Phillips (US Wobbly bard) said about politics recently?
"Poly is Greek for 'many', and ticks is blood sucking insects" ."

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