Union Songs

Amazing Boss

A Song by Bill Crum©Bill Crum 1984
Tune: "Amazing Grace"

Amazing Boss who hired me
And told me what to do,
I've made (done) more crap than he (I) can (t)sell,
Now I must bid adieu.

\Now Boss has said that all good things
Exist for us somewhere.
We'd loudly sing our thanks to Boss,
If we could breathe the air.

Now Boss he's sure a piece of work
But he's nobody's clown.
He'll fire me and hire you
Just to keep our wages down.

The time has come to organize
A Union of our class,
And teach that turkey honest toil.
It'll knock him on his ass.

Amazing Boss who hired me
Has learned a thing or two,
Now I'm an organized union man
I tell him what to do.


Many thanks to Smokey Dymny for sending this song to the Union Songs collection. It was published in the 35th edition IWW songbook, 1984

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