Union Songs

One Sick Kin Away From Being Fired

A song by David G. Hurlburt©David G. Hurlburt 2007

It is hard for a family to make both ends meet,
Both of us working so we are not on the street.
Minimum wage workers need every single dime;
They also need some emergency kin care time.

We work hard, and at night and we're so tired,
Just one sick child away from being fired.

Why can't we use sick leave to care for our kin,
When the Bosses fires us for that is a just a sin.
Not any time off, with pay, for short time family care;
When the roll is called up yonder will these managers be there?

We work hard and at night and we're so tired.
Just one sick spouse away from being fired.

Companies protect and defend at all costs their mighty corporate rights
So when you take time off for your family, be prepared to join the fights.
Working families, we need to lobby congress and the legislatures too.
We need a law so are jobs are protected when our child gets the flu..

We work hard and at night and we're so tired,
Just one sick parent away from being fired.

Providing time for families doesn't cost it will pay.
It reduces turnover because more employees stay.
It, increases loyalty, dedication and it is caring and kind.
A benefit employees value and it's one that's hard to find.

We work hard and at night and we're so tired.
Just one sick self away from being fired.

Too many times we're fired and end up in the street.
Loss of jobs or pay and our bills we can't meet.
Bankruptcy from medical bills or the loss of a job,
We loose heart and hope and our kids learn to rob

You can pay to build families or tear them apart.
The dollars spent on sick leave are just a start;
Childcare, after school programs to care for our kids
And medical care for every one even those on the skids.

If you don't do these things you will still pay the price.
In court costs and prisons and that is not very nice.
A nations economy must serve all the people in the land;
Not greed or the wealthy, government must take a stand.

The social safety net is not just for the poor,
It protects us all from the thief at our door.


Many thanks to David G. Hurlburt for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection. David is CWA Steward Local 9410

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One Sick Kin Away From Being Fired will be published by AFL-CIO

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