Union Songs

Let's Organize!

A Song by Steve Suffet©Steve Suffet 2005

- [play]

In a world that's gone berserk, where every theocratic jerk,
Invokes some holy name to sell a cause,
Whether it's Bush or it's Bin Laden, their billions are forgotten,
As hand in hand they bring us holy wars.

Let's organize, let's organize!
Don't listen to the bosses and their lies.
Every nation, every tongue, every worker old and young,
The world is ours the day we organize!

In a bleak morass we sit, covered up in corporate shit,
While workers' rights are shredded to a pulp,
Where corporate rape and plunder leave our planet six feet under,
Soon they'll sell us air at fifty cents a gulp.

Repeat chorus.

Ah, once we had a dream, but it's broken, so they scream,
Yet I hear those dream-like words come once again:
Working people, let's unite, for our freedom we will fight,
We'll lose these chains, we have a world to win!

Repeat chorus three times


Many thanks to Steve Suffet for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection.

Steve writes:
"I wrote 'Let's Organize!' t sing at a memorial concert for Sis Cunningham, who passed away in 2004 at the age of 95. Along with Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, and others, Sis was one of the original Almanac Singers. She and her husband Grodon Friesen later published Broadside magazine."

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