Union Songs

Union Warriors

A Song by Steve Suffet©Steve Suffet 2006

- [play]

Start on chorus:
So, if you want to stop us, we say "Come and bring it on!"
The more that you repress us, the more that we grow strong.
For we are union warriors, and you got to understand,
If you want to play the butcher, we won't play the lamb.

When my granddad was a little boy, they leased the convicts out,
And sent them down into the mines to dig the black coal out.
Our unions rose in anger, and we set those convicts free,
Was the Coal Creek Rebellion in the State of Tennessee.

Repeat chorus.

With your Gattling guns and gallows, you cut our leaders down,
Your thugs and vigilantes drove us to the ground.
But you trembled in your silken suits when you heard our battle cries,
For everyone you murdered, a hundred did arise.

Repeat chorus.

From the Harlan pits to Lawrence, from Spokane to River Rouge,
You tried your best to break us, you tried to make us lose.
You tried to split our unions, by religion and by race,
You called us reds and anarchists, but we laughed right in your face.

Repeat chorus.

Now you tell us times are different, and you got us on the run,
And your thug's called a consultant; well, he's still a hired gun.
And we got a little message, that will shake your corporate suites:
You may own the company, but it's we who own the streets!

Repeat chorus twice.


Many thanks to Steve Suffet for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection.

Steve writes:
"Union Warriors appears on my latest CD, 'I've Been Up On the Mountain', which was officially launched on January 1 2007"

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