Union Songs

Sorry Song

A Song by Bruce Watson©Bruce Watson 2000

- [play]

How hard can it be to just say sorry?
How hard can it be to do what's right?
How hard can it be to just say sorry?
How long will it take to see the light?

Some say the past is another country
Some say the past, well, it's dead and gone
But we'll never heal if we don't confront it
We've gotta say sorry, then we can all move on.


How w'd you feel if the tables were turned
How w'd you feel if it happened to you
How w'd you feel if the lessons weren't learned
Howard, you fool! Can’t you see what you’ve gotta do?

Chorus (twice)


Many thanks to Bruce Watson for permission to add this song to the Union Songs collection.

Bruce writes:
"Reconciliation is one of the biggest unresolved issues in Australia today. It's amazing how hard Governments have found it to say the one little word, "Sorry". It may only be a symbol, but it would clear the way for mutual respect and real policy change."

This song is on the CD A Moving Feast featuring the Great Southern Band.

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