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constructing fear

Demon's Demand

A Song by Eddy Current Supression Ring@Eddy Current Supression Ring 2007

- [play]

Now you're working
Morning noon and night
This kind of treatment
Just ain't right

Soon the day
Turns into night
Soon they've stripped you
Of all your rights

They've got you shaken
They've got you stirred
And now they're getting
On your nerves

And still you stay
And still you serve
Still you stay
Still you serve

You're feeling threatened
You're feeling scared
You just wish
That truth could be shared

You just wish
That someone cared
Someone cared
Someone cared

Watch you like an eagle
Watch you like a hawk
They pass it of as legal
And they carry on their dirty dirty work

Be on guard
Be on guard
You're rights are being halved
You're working for the demon's demand


Many thanks to Eddy Current Supression Ring for permission to add this song to the Union Songs web collection

Demon's Demand was written for the 2007 documentary Constructing Fear directed by Joe Loh.

The documentary lays bare the unprecedented powers of the Australian "building industry watchdog" the ABCC

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